A holiday at last! It is good for every student holiday. It was a beautiful memory or sad. After the examination, all of them were easy, no worries, just like the prisoners in prison were free, but the grades were important to the students. It represents the fate of the whole summer, and the revelation of achievement will come one day. There were worries and people. At last the tense moment came. Everyone goes back to school eagerly to ask the teacher for grades in the office, often at that moment he will be scolded by the teacher. And it's important for me personally, because it's not a simple number, it's all about your own strength. You should be honored. But it represents a significant meaning, and its presence represents you, a statement to parents, their fate and their location.

And this guy is unfortunate for me. I hate it because I failed the exam this time! The summer vacation must be bad, and the day must be filled with hate. The theme of this summer vacation must be learning. You can say good or bad! On the one hand, it can enrich itself every day and make you more knowledgeable. Some people have said: enrich yourself every day to make your mind more flexible. On the other hand, we don't have to go out for the summer vacation. Even after the exam, study. But that's all right! Is the sad picture floating in my mind, and the golden childhood is ruined? All of this is realistic, and it's all self-inflicted. As the teacher said, "it's no use regretting now," the teacher said. "I don't have a good review before the exam, and I'm sure there will be a tragic ending." And now why not?

Substantial summer vacation will have a nice day will be more beautiful, more hope more new life was born in the bright world golden childhood records the meaningful things one by one and condensing every bit of good memories, this world will be more beautiful! Summer vacation is also beautiful, it is full of mystery, will reveal this all! What about your summer vacation? Tell us, share it!


Compared with over 100 days exhausting school life, summer holiday is definitely a golden time for relaxation and entertainment. We can set aside the studies, lock away the textbooks, forget everything about school, and greet the new life with our arms open up. During the two months loose, we enjoy ourselves thoroughly, sleeping till when the sun is high in the sky, playing computer night and day, watching TV as long as we want to, and traveling around like a tramp. Time rolls by, and it is not until at the end of the holiday that we suddenly find our home assignment remaining blank sheets of paper. Then we go mad, and devote the last days to fulfilling the homework.

The same summer holidays pass year after year, and year after year, we regret when they come to an end. We regret having wasted so much time on recreations, instead of our lessons, and regret having worn away our youth in trifles.

Although it was still the case this summer, I dare say this was the most fruitful holiday I had ever spent. Yes, the summer holiday I enjoyed most is this years.

At the very beginning of the holiday, our head teacher instructed us to make the most of the summer coming up, and then turn ourselves into bookworms. I took heart on hearing it, and at once mapped out a long list of hundreds of tasks I was going to perform. I was even in higher spirits in the first days of the summer, dreaming that I stuck to the whole schedule and became a super girl the next semester. But my ambition didnt stand the test of time. It was only a few days later that my attention was continually attracted by the Internet, novels, and shopping malls. Time flew surprisingly fast. When the vacation was already over, I realized in astonishment and despair that I had acted on only a half of my plan. However, I am now consoling myself with the thought that it is human nature to have a rest after a long terms study; hence it is not realistic to keep working hard, even though the horrible Senior 3 was just around the corner. Therefore, I am satisfied. I am satisfied with my daily routine in which I spent an average 9 hours in sleeping, 2 hours in eating, 2 hours in surfing the Internet, 6 hours in doing some trivial things which I couldnt even remember, and the other 5 hours in studying. After all, I have done my possible. What is more, I did have a precious pause between

the intense school days, and seized the last chance to relax in my senior life. So, this was a holiday combined with rest and work, wasnt it?


I enjoy summer vacation very much.